POXYFLOW Cell-O-Blast – Resin Lacing/Cells 50g

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Getting cells in resin art projects is the ultimate goal for many artists. They create unique and exciting patterns that make looking at resin art paintings very pleasing and stimulating.

Add a drop of CELL O BLAST,which works to repel the resin against itself. When using a repellant, only add it to one resin color so you can create cells in the resin.

POXYFLOW Cell-O-Blast is a liquid repulsive additive that can be mixed with freshly mixed and pigmented art resin to create cells with any color.It’s the perfect lacing liquid. Works well with Pigment pastes, Pigments powders, or any other resin pigments

How to use Cell-O-Blast?
Add just 1 or 2 drops of POXYFLOW Cell-O-Blast into thoroughly mixed pigmented resin and harder mixture
Mix well and pour
Use the swipe technique to create Cells or Lacing.
No need to use any form of heat, be it a heat gun or blow torch.

Note. For Re-coating over the surface, sanding of the resined surface is a must.

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