What is Resin?

A chemical reaction occurs by mixing the two elements, so the liquid resin gradually hardens to a suitable plastic.

For simplicity, I will usually use the word”resin” rather than”epoxy resin.” Resin is not just used in industry and ship construction, but also art. Therefore, other kitchen counters, floors, tables, pictures, jewelry, or sculptures may also be throw.

Resin can also be used to finish drawings, photographs, and images (manufactured from acrylic, oil, alcohol ink, watercolor, ink, mixed media, etc..)

After trying my hands at resin artwork for the first time, I found I love getting creative with this medium. With resin, you combine colors, pour, blend, and magic happens, and in the long run, you receive a slightly unpredictable yet stunning abstract piece of art using a high gloss shine.

Artist Creates Psychedelic Art By Pouring Paint Along With Resin Onto A Canvas.

Self-taught artist Sapna Gohil appears onto the resin art scene. Sapna’s work continually makes use of golden tones, creating a beach sand feel.

Her work is inspired by the belief that art is a reflection of love from a higher energy, which can heal those it satisfies. Each of her expansive, elaborate artworks is based on a specific bead and reflects the colors and attributes it possesses.

Her work is bold, colorful, and exceptionally big. It is no wonder her artworks reflect her enthusiasm for the sea, often observing the violent crashing of waves.

Exclusive Collection of Resin Art

Tray Coaster

Ring Platter




Treasure Box

Resin In Mond



So What you decide ?

If you are looking for an original painting or a high-quality resin art, Sapna Gohil has over 5000+ first paintings for sale worldwide.We will be the house of exceptional hand-painted resin art. The resin painting methods used here are somewhat rare and require a great deal of time and effort.

Customized order

spent two-hours workshop that takes you through the process of studying and creating resin art. In the workshop, you will learn how to securely use resin, mix pigments to resin, pour techniques, add textures and layers, add sea-shells to resin, and generate a gorgeous ocean masterpiece.

Resin Art Workshop

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How long can resin choose to dry?

At 15-20°C, it’ll be tack-free in 4-6 hours, dry in 12-14 hours up to 4 days for CER.

How can I mix resin properly?

With a broad-edge tool or spatula, ideally, the one supplied with your order of Eli-Chem Resin. Make sure you be thorough and scrape around the sides and base of the mixing jug to be sure there isn’t any un-activated material. Mix gradually to avoid drawing too much air into the mix.

How much resin will I need?

For coat resins, place the dimensions of your art into our policy calculator. We are casting resin calculator coming soon!

Can I add more hardener to make the resin put faster?

No, when you add more hardener, you overload the machine, and it will bring about a tacky cure, or maybe not healing whatsoever, including too little will result in precisely the same problem. The quantity of accelerator determines the rate of treatment we invent from the product and not from the by the amount of hardener you include. Please stick to the recommended mix ratio to the bottles.

What materials can I use as a base for resin artwork?

Canvas, wood, metal, secure card & concrete. Plastic & glass can act too but should be placed under shear loading, de-lamination is possible. Canvasses should be encouraged in the middle to avoid slumping.

Review of My Students

Having soo many skills in 1 person is quite unbelievable ✨✨ sapna mam u are an inspiration for me n for many others who have attended your sessions….i would definitely recommend everyone i know to learn art skills from local art studio ..👍🏻
Ruchika Indrawat
Ruchika IndrawatSurat, Gujarat
She is an amazing, excellent , extraordinary and creative person who has art in her heart. She is a perfect and passionate teacher too. She answers to all queries in her live sessions and always gives her cent percent which stands her apart. Keep rising and shining ⭐✨. Love You Loads 💓💓
Arati Kothari
Arati KothariKolkata
Amazing teaching skills of Sapna Gohil.
She is so dedicated person to art. It reflects in her studio design. If I would be in India I would definitely attend her workshops regularly. Thanks for sharing your art with people.
Sheetal Shah
Sheetal ShahMuscat, Oman
Very well conducted classes by Sapna. Excellent ideas. And very philanthropic of her to conduct them free of cost, giving tips openly. I would definitely recommend.
Zarima Rebs

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