What is Stainwood Mural

Stain wood Glass mural called so as this technique is done on a wooden plank with stained glass colors. Though it’s similar to stain glass painting, minor changes in procedures and additions of materials will create your artwork more attractive.

It’s a Stressbuster artwork that has a sequenced work of 

  1. Making coils with air dry clay.
  2. Colour Mixing with resin.
  3. Filling The colors using droppers.

No prior knowledge is necessary.

What you Take home: A trendy wall hanging.

What to Bring: nothing but your imagination and your friends.

this project includes painting over stained timber, the slow nature of the procedure can make it even more of a hassle. If time, effort, and patience put into painting the stained wood, the result will be well worthwhile.

Exclusive Collection Of Staimwood Mural